Working with our team of experts, we can effectively help you grow your business,
leaving you the time to focus on your success!
Don Duncan

Don has over 40 years of experience in the cooperative/shared and solo direct mail industry. He has a proven track record of helping thousands of business achieve their goals using  successful direct mail strategies.

Becky Woodington
Business Development &
Marketing Strategist


Becky has over 30 years experience in the Direct Mail/Database Marketing industry. She combines her experience with dedication in developing new and cost effective marketing programs for her clients. She provides complete information and education on how to best target and connect with your perfect customer. Her extensive knowledge and excellent customer service approach are known across the country.

Toni Riggs
Senior Account Executive


Jamie Mierau
Account Executive & Sales


Stephanie Guidie
Director of Production &
Marketing Analysis


Courtney Wiedenman
Operational Leader


Kim Hogeboom
Production Coordinator
Crystal Cota
Accounting Manager


Sarah Latimer
Post Analytics Manager & Copy Editor


Carrie Rittel
Graphic Designer


• Personalized account management

• Client dedication

What you can expect from us

• Expertise that can save you money

• Marketing guidance

• Top notch customer service

Mission Statement

While offering a premium product and a genuine enthusiasm for what we do, direct2you connects businesses to their perfect customer through direct mail marketing campaigns and state-of-the-art data analysis. As a steadfast and reliable partner, we provide the highest level of customer care and expertise that supports our clients in reaching proven success and measurable results. We take great care of our team and our clients, so they can have the best experience possible.


The culture of direct2you is an autonomous, hardworking, honest and reliable group. We are experienced, dedicated employees that work tirelessly towards the success of our clients and our company. We take our work seriously while having fun. We are positive, critical thinkers, adaptable and innovative during challenging projects and always willing to support and help each other.

Core Values

• Experienced 

• Attitude of gratitude

• Make a difference

• Honest 

• Proud team spirit

• Prompt and rapid execution

• Positive, passionate & determined

• Loyal & respectful partnerships 

• Integrity & Accountability

• Keep it fun! 

• Deliver quality and excellence

• Consistent, dependable and top-notch customer service

• Continued learning, reaching & exploring, staying relevant

• Dedicated to being the best in direct mail & data analysis

Core Competency

• Direct mail experts

• direct2you Post Analytics

• Grand openings

• New customer acquisition

• Customer retention

• Customer service

• Rapid execution

• Programs customized and tailored to your needs