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Our data report is broken down to the carrier route level. Rather than mailing to a general area around a location, we recommend cherry-picking routes that align best with the demographics of your ideal customer. This selection process ensures we are mailing to the best possible routes – the routes that will

drive the most traffic to your location.

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Demographics/targeted consumer information

Using the store address, we identify:

• Carrier routes within 3 miles of the location

• Distance of carrier routes from location

• Carrier route the location is located in

• Natural boundaries/traffic barriers

• # of homes and apartments

• Average income

• Median age

• Percentage of households with children

Available upon request:

• Income percentage breakdown

• Age percentage breakdown

• Education level by percentage

Post Analytics Feature

The Post Analytics feature allows you to capture addresses of all coupon responders along with select demographic & geographic information. You can identify which offers are most effective and determine the highest performing carrier routes. This information will help make future marketing strategies more effective and give you a bigger bang for your buck. Post Analytics is one of the best ways to identify who your ideal customer is, and more importantly, who is not.

Matchback Reports


• addresses of all coupon responders

• redemption by offer

• redemption by carrier route

• carrier route distance from location

Post Analytics Reports


• total number of unique addresses captured

• total number of redeemed coupons

• coupon redemption, by offer

• household demographics

• responder length of residence

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