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Reaching clients using
saturation mail

Reach every home/apartment within a defined geographic area. National Resident Database (NRD) has over 148 million records. A saturation mailing is sorted in "walk-sequence", corresponding to how the postal carrier delivers the mail in a specific route. This "walk-sequence" offers you the maximum postal discounts. 

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Achieve a successful campaign with targeted mail

Mail only select homes with defined demographic and geographic information. Knowing your customer is a key factor in targeted direct mail marketing. The customer's basic demographic information is a start; however, a more complete understanding of their profile, such as buying habits, can help you achieve a more successful direct mail campaign.

Keep your loyal customers happy with loyalty programs

Thank guests for responding to previous mailings. Solidify guest loyalty and increase frequency of visits.

Loyalty programs are a great way to reward customers who return to your business time and time again.

Data collected from prior mailings helps determine your next marketing strategy.

With this program, redemptions are higher than any other mailing.

direct2you Post Analytics - Track. Analyze. Grow.

By adding the Post Analytics feature to your mailing, we can determine demographic & geographic information of the responders to further advance your marketing strategy. Knowledge is power and Post Analytics gives you POWER; the power to know how and why your direct mail campaign is so successful. Post Analytics is one of the best ways to identify who your perfect customer is.

Welcome to the neighborhood

In the first 90 days, new homeowners are going to need all kinds of services. Your business will grow by being the FIRST to reach these new homeowners.

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• Client Dedication

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